SEE IT: Greenpoint To Get New Park and Pier

Area to be redesigned with new greenspace, waterfront access

GREENPOINT – When Brooklyn Community Board 1 met on April 18 to discuss revised plans for the parcel 5C-2, the site within Greenpoint Landing at the waterfront located between Eagle Street and Green Street, they planned a new area with greenspace and pier access. 

Greenpoint Landing is the 22-acre site situated along a half-mile of East River waterfront being master-planned and developed by Greenpoint Landing Developers.

The open space at parcel 5C-2 will create a variety of experiences along the Brooklyn shoreline including picnic nooks, a secluded meadow walk, multiple seating areas, large lawns and meandering paths, a garden, and what will be known as Green Street Pier – an almost 500-foot long accessible pier that extends out to the water and includes synthetic turf areas, lounge chairs, shade structures and viewing steps. 

Rendering courtesy of Greenpoint Landing Developers

In total, the new plans call for nearly 96,000 square feet of waterfront public access area. The total planned is more than 20% of what was required by the city. The waterfront area will include 1,004 feet of seating, 118 new trees and 26,687 square feet of plantings.

In its entirety, Greenpoint Landing will include an estimated 5,500 residential units – including much-needed affordable housing – as well as five acres of public open space.

The hearing on April 18 specifically focused on Parcel 5C-2, the area located from Eagle to Green Street and West Street to the water. Prior to designing this final phase of waterfront at Greenpoint Landing, Greenpoint Landing Developers and renowned landscape designers, James Corner Field Operations, met with numerous community stakeholders in 2018 and 2019 to determine how to design this open space. 

The Greenpoint Landing Meadow Walk, Lawn and Seating Area. Rendering courtesy of Greenpoint Landing Developers

The team incorporated the local community feedback to ensure the highest quality design, resulting in an enhanced focus on natural landscaping, proximity to the water and expansive green spaces. In 2005, the City of New York designated the site for residential use under the Greenpoint-Williamsburg rezoning.

“Our team, including the incredible landscape architects at James Corner Field Operations, worked diligently for years to bring the Greenpoint Landing waterfront to life,” said Marian Klein Feldt of Greenpoint Landing Associates.

Marian Klein Feldt. Photo: Touro University.
The Green Street Pier, which extends almost 500 feet, features synthetic lawns and a paved surface. Rendering courtesy of Greenpoint Landing Developers

“We engaged the local community and took to heart their feedback to create a variety of experiences for all to enjoy,” continued Marian, “including a naturalized design. meandering paths, and multiple seating areas, exceeding the waterfront space required by the City. 

“This parcel of land and the progression of its vision will provide New Yorkers a front row seat to this invaluable piece of New York City shoreline that has gone unused for too long.”

Rendering courtesy of Greenpoint Landing Developers

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