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Artists Address Brooklyn’s Environmental Blight

When it comes to finding creative solutions to environmental...

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Dear Dot

Dear Dot: Garbage disposal or compost? Which is best for food waste?

Dear Dot, As I assess peels and skins and tops and petals and stems, I often wonder: Where should I put this? It's equally easy...

Dear Dot: What’s Behind The (Low) Price of Cashmere?

Dear Dot, I wear a lot of cashmere in the winter. I know that might sound snooty, but I do it because wool makes my...

Dear Dot: Where Do I Donate Gently Used Books?

Dear Dot, I have been looking for a way to recycle gently used books for over a year. Libraries no longer accept books and I...


Sustainable Recipes for a Warmer Winter

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Your backyard is the city

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