City Authorizes E-Cargo Bikes, Expanding Safety Rules for Streets

The NYC Department of Transportation authorized the use of e-cargo bikes on city streets and established key safety standards. Wednesday, March 27, DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez announced new rules designed to make deliveries safer and more sustainable by reducing the number of large delivery trucks on New York City streets. The rules establish “Commercial Bicycle Loading Only” zones (a dedicated space at the curb to keep bikes out of pedestrian corridors when loading and unloading ) and reduce the e-cargo bike speed limit from the proposed 20 miles per hour to 15. E-cargo bikes must not be parked or left unattended on a sidewalk for any reason — even temporarily.

The finalized standards also increase low- or no-emission options for freight deliveries — including packages and groceries — by allowing the use of pedal-assist electric cargo bicycles that may be up to 48 inches wide and have up to four wheels. Note: E-bikes, including e-cargo bikes, are not the same as mopeds or e-scooters, which do not have working pedals.

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